Radio Frequency Identification is a technology that enhances the efficiency of a business. It is different from UPC and QR code, which users do not have to scan the bar-code manually; instead, RFID uses radio wave to retrieve data which stored in a RFID tag and transfer the data to a host computer automatically. Hence, all tools we need for using RFID are: RFID tag, reader, and data processing system.

There are two types of RFID system:

1. Passive RFID system, which it does not require power source and transmitter; thus passive RFID is cheaper than the active one.

2. Active RFID system, which it requires power source and transmitter, but its tags can be tracked over a longer distance than the passive one.

Business Uses:

  •  Product tracking: it is the most common use of RFID in business, which can track and locate goods, and ensure that products are being located in the right place, at the right time;
  •  Access control: replacing the magnetic stripe cards, and making processes of data retrieving be more efficient.
  • Company like Wal-Mart is using RFID to track their large group of products, as to access business efficiency.

Future Use:
It is believed that RFID will have an extensive use in government supply chain, and with the advanced technology of RFID, there will have more Pay-As-You-Go.


  • Efficiency: it is less time consuming, where the data can be retrieved automatically when the products go through a RFID reader.
  • RFID tags can store a lot of information.
  • The sizes of RFID tags are adjustable, which can be smaller than a thumbtack.



  • Privacy concern:
    • if the tags are used in the products or cards, like handbags, watches, or credit cards, customers’ information, movements or spending history can be tracked

Video of news about how credit cards’ data be stolen through RFID readers is posted below.

Video that introduces further concepts and uses of RFID


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