QR Code

Quick Response Code was first developed by a Japanese company DENSO Corporation. It can store a huge amount of information in a small area, and still recognizable even part of the QR code is damaged; in addition, the most impressive feature of QR code is, Kanji and Katakana, this two complex Japanese characters can be put into it.

There are four major types of QR code:

1. Micro QR code which has much smaller size than the regular one;

2. IQR code which its capacity is larger than the traditional one and can be generated with either square or rectangular shapes;

3. SQR code is used for storing private information;

4. Logo Qr code which may include pictures or words within the code area.

QR code has lots of advantages and disadvantages, for advantages, it can store large amount of information within a small area and the size of it can be changed easily; and it acts as a bridge that connect different forms of marketing streams together; nevertheless, QR code is still not be widely known by public, and it requires smartphone for reading its data.

QR code is used for managing inventory and tracking goods today, and there are some companies like Calvin Klein had even used it for advertising; in the future, it would probably become more popular in advertising and connecting online and offline worlds.

Video shows how QR code works on advertising and marketing.

And here is a short descriptive video on what QR codes are & what they do.


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